Journal of Global Health Reports

Promoting Local Research to Improve Global Health

In comparison to many other fields of science, global health research has many specific features that may require different approaches to publishing. The research is often conducted on difficult questions and in remarkably challenging settings. It often requires multi-disciplinary and inter-sectorial approaches, thinking “outside-of-the-box” and integrating different disciplines. This embraces a diversity of methodological approaches, meaning that qualitative or mixed methods are often very appropriate, just as well as those based on quantitative measurements. Therefore, there is a need for much greater flexibility over the reports’ style.

Although research in global health issues clearly requires a remarkable effort from researchers, and can have a very large translational impact on society, policies and decision-making, many journals are reluctant to publish work from local contexts. The lack of general relevance or interest, typically small sample sizes and low likelihood that the work would be cited by many other scientists are the likely explanations for this rather unfortunate situation. This led us to launch the Journal of Global Health Reports – to embrace local research on difficult questions and issues in global health.

This journal is a platform for publishing research from challenging contexts, offering an opportunity to publish papers in flexible formats and styles. It is open to all methodological approaches – qualitative, quantitative and mixed methods, or even descriptive reports or personal insights and thoughts on what we feel are relevant problems in global health. We publish Journal of Global Health Reports to truly promote local research for improving global health.

JoGHR is fully open access, publishing under the CC BY 4.0 licence.