Mission & Annual Report

Improving Equity in Global Health Research

ISoGH’s mission is to highlight health research needs in low- and middle-income countries (LMIC) and to advocate for more equitable health research funding share between high-income countries (HIC) and LMIC.

ISoGH tracks health research funding flows, sets health research priorities, promotes health research needs and builds health research capacity in LMICs.

To achieve these goals, our society organises the ISoGH’s Annual Meeting, ISoGH’s Summer Schools and publishes scientific journals, books and videos.

The society also produces ISoGH’s Annual Reports, based on research priority setting exercises conducted by its members. It shares them with international organizations active in global health to advocate for more equity in global health research funding and more balance between the needs of the LMIC and HIC populations.

ISoGH’s also promotes global health as a field of scientific research and health care practice nationally and internationally. It produces, provides, exchanges and disseminates information related to global health research and practice; and supports and expands the general pool of professionals skilled in global health research and practice.