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Promoting open access to global health research

Other journals in the JoGH family include:


  • Early career researchers are invited to join the “Summer School on Research Methods and Funding Opportunities in Global Health”
  • Senior global health professionals are invited to the “Summer School on Global Health Economics, Leadership and Priority Setting”

Mission & Annual Reports

ISoGH’s mission is to:

  • Advocate for more equitable health research funding share between High-Income Countries (HIC) and Low- and Middle-Income Countries (LMIC)
  • Promote health research needs and build health research capacity in LMICs
  • Track health research funding flows and set research priorities
  • Produce ISoGH’s Annual Reports, based on research priority setting exercises conducted by ISoGH’s members

Books & Videos

Disseminating knowledge on research themes in global health

Jobs & Funding

Now available to both members and non-members:

  • A fortnightly selection of 100 funding opportunities in global health
  • A selection of 100 job opportunities in global health every two weeks
  • Follow us on ISoGH’s Social Network sites to meet members from more than 100 countries:

  • Learn about their experiences in global health work and share your own experiences and ideas