Membership benefits

  • Participation in ISoGH’s priority-setting exercises in global health and related scientific publications – see an example
  • Opportunity to work as a paid reviewer for the Journal of Global Health and other journals
  • A member’s discount on participation in the ISoGH’s Conference on Global Health
  • A member’s discount on the open access fees for the JoGH group of journals
  • Participation in closed members’ group where news on jobs and funding opportunities are shared


Promoting open access to global health research

Other journals in the JoGH family include:


  • Early career researchers are invited to join the “Summer School on Research Methods and Funding Opportunities in Global Health”
  • Senior global health professionals are invited to the “Summer School on Global Health Economics, Leadership and Priority Setting”

Mission & Annual Reports

ISoGH’s mission is to:

  • Advocate for more equitable health research funding share between High-Income Countries (HIC) and Low- and Middle-Income Countries (LMIC)
  • Promote health research needs and build health research capacity in LMICs
  • Track health research funding flows and set research priorities
  • Produce ISoGH’s Annual Reports, based on research priority setting exercises conducted by ISoGH’s members

Books & Videos

Disseminating knowledge on research themes in global health

Jobs & Funding

  • Follow us on ISoGH’s Social Network sites and join our closed group as an ISoGH member to meet members from more than 100 countries and receive jobs and funding opportunities in the group:

  • Learn about their experiences in global health work and share your own experiences and ideas