Research Themes in Global Health

Igor Rudan, Sachiyo Yoshida, Kerri Wazny, Simon Cousens

Measuring Ideas: The CHNRI Method

This book explores how can we decide if one idea  -  such as a research idea  -  is "better" than the other? If we can find a way to measure ideas, then we could also compare them. First proposed in 2007, the CHNRI method is an innovative approach to "measuring" ideas. It uses a set of criteria that can discriminate between many competing ideas. Collective opinion from many experts is crowd-sourced to judge to what extent does an idea satisfy each of the selected criteria. This approach gave rise to the new field of "ideometrics". The CHNRI method has quickly become the most widely used approach to setting research priorities. It has already been used by international organisations, national governments, philanthropic foundations and expert groups to set research priorities in many different areas of science.

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