Research Themes in Global Health

Igor Rudan Igor Rudan, Lakshmi Balaji, Harry Campbell, Mickey Chopra

Global Health Economics: The EQUIST and PATHS Tools

The book navigates a labyrinth of challenges in global health economics, striving to balance finite resources with the seemingly infinite needs. It is against this backdrop that this book, “Global Health Economics: The EQUIST and PATHS Tools,” emerges as a useful guide. Since the seminal 1993 World Bank report, “Investing in Health,” there has been a pivotal focus on cost-effectiveness analysis. In 2012, a paradigm shift occurred with the introduction of the EQUIST tool, marking an evolutionary step in the complex field of global health economics. This tool transcended the traditional boundaries of cost-effectiveness by incorporating a vital dimension – equity. By integrating equity into the equation, the EQUIST tool offered a more holistic view, ensuring that health interventions are not only cost-effective but also equitable.

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